The Van Wingerden brothers of the Netherlands, renown for cultivating flowers, fruit, and vegetables under glasshouses, immigrated to the United States in 1967. The “Dutch Brothers” brought generations of horticultural knowledge, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and a passion for agriculture. They journeyed westward to California in search of farmland where they could cultivate a better life. The coastal town of Carpinteria, blessed with fertile soil, mild temperatures, and cool breezes, promised the perfect greenhouse growing environment and locale to raise their families. 

The grandson of a Dutch Brother, Alex Van Wingerden, grew up with the nursery as his playground and an innate love of farming. Following in his family’s path, he became a nurseryman dedicated to cultivating orchids and cut flowers. Alex, a modern farmer and steward of the land, farms under the old adage, choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.

Inspired by stories of his forefathers cultivating produce within the warmth and brightness of greenhouses in Holland to feed the community, Alex embraced the opportunity to diversify his crops in California. With a commitment to innovative and environmentally responsible farming practices, Alex carries on the family legacy of cultivating greenhouse grown produce—proudly sharing lettuce, herbs, and microgreens with family and the community.

Alexander Ranch was created out of a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feed their families the same produce we serve ours—fresh, healthy, and sustainably grown.