Father and son proprietors, Case and Alex Van Wingerden, carry forward the family legacy of cultivating premiere produce. Case and Alex are established nurserymen with a sterling reputation for growing chrysanthemums, orchids, gerbera daisies, avocados, lettuce, and herbs. Case, a native of the Netherlands, is a visionary entrepreneur, leading Alexander Ranch continuously forward on the path of innovation. Alex, a modern farmer, connects with the land and its people to cultivate healthy greens to share with his family, Alexander Ranch customers, and the community.

Our deeply rooted history is a testament to the longevity and expertise at Alexander Ranch. A key component of the Ranch is our hydroponic greenhouses, which enable our commitment to safe, sustainable farming. Our food safety program has been proven exemplary by the certifications awarded to Alexander Ranch. We embrace technology as a means of growing and managing our business with intelligence and integrity. We foster continuing education for our team members. The future of agriculture is bright, evolving with sustainability and innovation. Alexander Ranch Inc. is proud to be at the forefront — just as our ancestors have been for over four hundred years.

Case and Alex Van Wingerden | Co-Founders | Alexander Ranch, Inc.