Hydroponically Greenhouse Grown | Non-GMO

Burgundy-red, deeply lobed, oak-shaped leaves. Tender, delicate texture and a mild, nutty, sweet flavor. 

12-pack clamshell / 12-pack bulk bag




At Alexander Ranch, we are keeping our roots—our hydroponic produce is greenhouse grown and packed with the living roots attached to ensure long lasting freshness. Lettuce and herb roots grow within soil free plugs, keeping produce clean from start to finish. Fresh from our greenhouse to your table, Alexander Ranch greens need only a gentle rinse and are salad ready. 


Packed and sealed, clean and safe—the Alexander Ranch clamshell protects produce harvested and packed in the greenhouse, displayed on the grocery store shelves, and stored in the home refrigerator. The unique clamshell maintains the ideal humidity, preserving the integrity and freshness of the lettuce, inside the refrigerator crisper or out. Remarkably strong and lightweight, the stackable clamshell design ensures lettuce arrives and remains in perfect condition, from first leaf consumed to the last. 

Looking to do more for the environment and reduce packaging? Try Alexander Ranch produce in open-top sleeves or bulk packaging. Providing retail and wholesale customers the option to receive Alexander Ranch produce in the most convenient and sustainable manner is our goal. We are committed to continuously reviewing the impact our products and business operations have on the environment. We research and test the best way to deliver the freshest produce from our greenhouse to your table.