Alexander Ranch is a family owned and operated grower, shipper, and wholesaler of fresh lettuce, herbs, and microgreens. We serve specialty and mass market grocery stores, wholesale distributors, and fine dining restaurants throughout California.

We pride ourselves in growing safe, sustainable, and naturally healthy greenhouse grown produce. A key component of the ranch is our hydroponic greenhouses, which enable our commitment to safe, sustainable farming. Our hydroponic lettuce and herbs are packed with the living roots attached. Our organic microgreens are harvested and packed daily. This ensures the long-lasting freshness and quality of our produce, from greenhouse to table. Fresh from the ranch, our produce is grown, harvested, and packaged in a clean, climate-controlled facility and shipped from a temperature-controlled dock. This cold chain guarantees Alexander Ranch produce maintains the optimal temperature to preserve quality and freshness, assuring a long shelf life.

Our deeply rooted history is a testament to the longevity and expertise at Alexander Ranch. Our food safety program has been proven exemplary by the certifications awarded to Alexander Ranch. We embrace technology as a means of growing and managing our business with intelligence and integrity. We foster continuing education for our team members. The future of agriculture is bright, evolving with sustainability and innovation. Alexander Ranch is proud to be at the forefront.